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Dear Millennials

Dear Millennials

An open letter to all of you lazy, everyone-gets-a-medal Millennials,

First of all, welcome to Boulder! Secondly, JK! Here at Alfalfa’s Market we’ve done our homework about you on the “Buzzfeeds” and “Upworthys” of the interwebs, so we know the truth. You’re not lazy (or you wouldn’t be going to college), and half of you don’t even have a medal. But we do know that you’re the foodie generation. We know that you care about where your food comes from, that you read product labels, that you’re knowledgeable about ingredients and allergens. We know that you care about taste and the quality of the food that you put in your bodies, because we do too.

We want to be the rst to welcome you to what is lovingly called the “Boulder Bubble,” the food- conscious, community-loving best-place-on-earth. Congratulations, you picked a great place to study. But Boulder isn’t just about bongs and slopes. Boulder, like you Millennial comrades, is all about the food!

You’re new, so we’ll ll you in. Alfalfa’s Market is the OG organic and community grocery store. We’re also your ONLY local option as far as markets go. And the other guys don’t even come close to our o erings: a 100% organic juice bar, a 100% organic salad bar, organic bakery, a house-made full service culinary department, featuring organic ingredients and cutting-edge recipes. We also never sell meat that was raised with added antibiotics or hormones, and our cheese selection is unmatched. Our produce department features the largest selection of organic produce in Colorado.

So, come on down to Alfalfa’s and experience food done right. You’ll probably see the dude who sits behind you in Psych 101 slicing cheese behind the counter. We can’t wait to see you in our stores. Also, we know how much textbooks cost these days, so please enjoy the coupon below to help get you started.

Keeping it real since 1979, The Entire Alfalfa’s Family