Steven Winkelstein, UX Product Designer | Author

Everist Health

BRIEF. Wanting to get away from an ad-based business model, Adult Swim [as] wanted to re-engineer their app to allow cord-cutters to access all their content, ad-free, help users new to their programming discover new shows, and share content on social media.

MY ROLE. Ideation, Wireframing & Prototyping, and UI design.

SCOPE. A team of two. Duration of two weeks. 


BRIEF. Everist Health needed a redesign of their health calculator because the UI was overwhelming to users and the design was outdated. They wanted an idea of how their calculator might look on mobile and how they could better merge their existing desktop dashboard design with their calculator. 

MY ROLE. Ideation, Sketching, and UI design.

SCOPE. A team of one. Duration of one week.

Old Design

  • Users were overwhelmed by the amount of data presented on a single screen

  • Some of the jargon didn't translate

  • Users didn't need some of the data presented

  • The UI was outdated and some of the icons didn't translate



  • Rename "Vascular Age" to "Heart Age", and make it the focal point
  • Show data from each category one at a time, so not overwhelming the user
  • Remove confusing icons and update the UI patterns
  • Include a progress indicator

Everist Health wanted a quick visual mockup before going into wireframes and visualizing final mockups:




I wired out each category of the Calculator and then adjusted the design to fit their dashboard. 


After approval, I mocked up the tablet for the calculator and gave Everist Health an idea of how their design could flow on a mobile screen.



  • Without user-testing, it was difficult to ascertain what data was most valuable to the user
  • Having icons for the sake of icons is not helpful and takes up valuable interface real-estate 
  • It is vital to understand the user and their needs before jumping into a design