Steven Winkelstein, UX Product Designer | Author


Wishlist Rewards is a SaaS company with a rewards and recognition platform for HR departments and company employees.

My Role. UX Product Designer and Product Owner. Everything from user research to wireframes and prototypes to hi-fi mockups for development handoff. I also work across departments and stakeholders to strategize the direction of the product, build roadmaps, and manage our trello board.

Scope. Nine months. Accomplishments include several small projects, API integrations, and two major product updates requiring redesigns. Jump-started the company design documentation and design system.


Wishlist is a Denver Colorado start-up that provides software as a service to help companies reward and recognize their company employees, elevating their workforce potential.

My Role. UX/UI Product Designer and product owner.

Scope. Three months. MVP of company design system and redesign of our client-facing administrative portal.


The Leap

The administrative portal was originally meant to ease the burden on Wishlist’s internal account managers.

But I discovered that our HR clients needed better reporting on usage data, assurances that the system was working, and affirmation that the product was being used, and used correctly.

Pictured above is a screenshot of the old admin portal.

Pictured above is a screenshot of the old admin portal.

Account Settings

We started off by adding powerful settings to the existing design.

Manager Permissions, Employee Roster Manager, and other features were designed, built and launched on beta.



Our clients were overwhelmed by new features.

Our product was losing focus and we needed to go back to the drawing board. We decided to get back to our product’s core value propositions – a simple way to for managers to engage with and reward their employees.

I synthesized the data and met with stakeholders to discover the right solutions to our users’ problem and our business goals.

  • HR Clients wanted their admins and managers to have better engagement

  • They wanted to track this engagement

  • They wanted to be assured the product was working

  • They wanted better reporting on recipient data


Rebrand // Redesign

Without a strong brand and a clean design system, our work on focusing our features would miss out on the ROI provided by a world-class user experience.

We came together as an organization and decided to take our learnings and rebrand, construct our MVP design system, and redesign our administrative portal from scratch.

Site-mapping and Wireflows

With our brand refresh underway, I began to map out the new administrative portal by narrowing down our needed features and creating the blueprint for our platform, including guides of how a user would move through the system to accomplish their research-backed goals.


An InVision prototype with the completed mockups helped the various stakeholders understand where the product was going and give critical feedback to both design and functionality.


The New Portal

  • Business Goals Met

    • Free up time for internal account managers by allowing clients to self-service their accounts

    • Increase excitement over the platform during sales demos

  • User Needs Met

    • Provide more powerful reporting

    • Encourage use by making the platform more interactive and connected

Our new brand and platform reset is coming in 2019….